Michael Hardie – Digital Designer / Illustrator / Developer

Michael Hardie - Digital Design & Front-End Developer

Hi there! My name is Michael Hardie.

I am a Digital Designer, Web Developer & Illustrator

Michael Hardie - Digital Designer & Front-End Developer

Michael Hardie - Digital Designer & Front-End Developer

Hi there!

My name is Michael Hardie.

I am a Digital Designer, Web Developer & Illustrator

Michael Hardie - Digital Designer & Front-End Developer

Who Am I

My name is Michael Hardie, I am a Digital Creative who loves to draw and code.

I've been working in the creative industry for 10+ years and have worked with some of Melbourne's top ad agencies, as well as in-house roles in Melbourne and Perth

I have been fortunate enough to work with brands such as BMW, Virgin, ANZ, Qantas and Medibank, just to name a few. I enjoy creating a pixel perfect world.

Fun Facts
  • •  I have a young son named, Lincoln James
  • •  I have two pet ferrets, Feebe & Furphy
  • •  A St Kilda supporter
  • •  Craft beer enthusiast
  • •  Couldn't pay me to go on a rollercoast or sky-dive
My Family
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Showcased work

We Are Lonely

Medibank created a new Podcast series talking with top Australian artists about what it means to be lonely.

The series feature artists such as Tash Sultana, Darren Hayes, actor Hugo Weaving, and more. It hit #1 on Spotify's education category in early 2022 and is still going strong.

We developed a campaign to invoke interest and awareness for this podcast which was highly successful in brings people to tune in.

$2.5K Gift Card

Medibank $2.5K Gift Card Campaign

To help drive more leads from people registering their interest for a Medibank life insurance quote. An insentive was created for individuals to register their information and then go into the draw to win a Life Insurance gift card worth $1k and $2k respectively.

I created and executed two highly successful campaigns that ran through all of Medibanks digital channels.

There was a bit of creative freedom with this campaign which allow for a unique approach without diverting too much away from the brand and company values.

Mercer Superannuation App

During my time at Fuji Xerox our team was engaged to assist in developing the new Mercer Superannuation App so members could easily access their superannuation details.

In collaboration with the team of graphic designers, I designed and developed a series of user journey boards to assist our developers in creating the member app.

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Mercer Superannuation App

Wonca 2023 - Web Design & Dev

Wonca 2023 - Web Design & Dev

I was brought onboard to work with the Marketing team at The RACGP to design and develop a microsite for the promotion of the 2023 WONCA International conference.

The WONCA conference is the largest gathering of General Practitioners / Family Doctors in the world. In 2023 the WONCA conference makes it's way to Sydney.

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Better Minds Campaign - Medibank

Medibank offers a range of mental health programs and services to support members and their mental health.

To promote and increased brand awareness we created a campaign and accompanieed visuals to target people whose mental health may of been affected durning the COVID-19 pandemic.

I created a series of design and animated assets to help drive an emotive approach towards poeple who are doing it tough.

HTML5 Assets

Click on the links below to view the HTML5 assets I built for the RACGP's Practice Experience Program and Federal Election Campaign.

Federal Election Campaign

  1. 300x50
  2. 300x250
  3. 300x600
  4. 970x250

Medibank Live Better Campaign

  1. 200x80
  2. 160x600
  3. 300x250
  4. 300x600
  5. 468x60

Video Production

I shot, edited and produced a range of different videos for different organisations. I have a passion for how different elements come together to produce emotive pieces